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Hicks, J.*, 2011 Investigation into the Cause of Earthen Embankment Instability Along the "V-line" Artificial Levee in Marrero, Louisiana, US., M.Sc., Dept. Geology and Geophysics, LSU   August 30, 2011 (Download his thesis at:

Crane, J.*,  Lorenzo, J. M. 2010 A new impulsive seismic shear wave source for near-surface (0-30 m) seismic studies, Eos Trans. AGU, San Francisco,  13-17 December, Fall Meet. Abstract NS41A-1507.

Lorenzo, J., M, Hicks, J.*, Vera, E.E. Shear-Wave Velocity Anomalies (60 m/s) and High Vp/Vs Ratios (>16) at Shallow Depths (0-5m) Below a Distressed Artificial Levee, Marrero, Louisiana, USA.  AAPG Annual Conference and Exhibition in New Orleans, Louisiana Meeting 2010 New Orleans, 11-14 April, 2010.

Lorenzo, Juan M., Hicks, J.*,  Vera, E.E., 2009 Shallow (0-10) seismic investigation of a distressed earthen levee, New Orleans, USA. Eos Trans. AGU,  90(52), Fall Meet. Suppl., Abstract NS33A-04

* student

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